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"It's always a wonder when young people express themselves artistically and in that expression, we discover exceptional wisdom, profound insight, and soaring imagination. That is precisely the case in this publication." - Michael Keith, Professor at Boston College on Late Night Train Lights

Late Night Train Lights

Late Night Train Lights is a chapbook published by the Ibbetson Street Press.

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"Madmen Know Nothing"

"Madmen Know Nothing" is featured in the 2023 Spring Issue of The Raven Review


"Summer Songs in the Dead of Winter"

"Summer Songs in the Dead of Winter" is featured 2023 issue of Indefinite Space under the name Ashtyn Layne


"Dead Girls Need Therapy Too"

"Dead Girls Need Therapy Too" will be featured in Issue 1: Intuition of Divinations Magazine.

"Penny Ink

"Scolopendra" and "Penny Ink" are featured in Issue 3 of

new words {press}


"Lunar" &
"Cherry Jar"

"Lunar" and "Cherry Jar" are two poems featured on the Dream Noir website.


savor the silence

savor the silence consists of two short poems titled "When the Artist Dies" and "Pause .. Rewind" featured in the March 2023 issue of swifts & slows.

"On Your Knees"

Featured in the 8th issue of Awakened Voices Magazines, entitled "Those Who Help".


"Field Party"

"Field Party" is set to be featured in the Halloween themed October issue of Midsummer Dream House


"Pig Hooves"

"Pig Hooves" is featured in the Winter 2021 issue of Cardinal Sins Journal.



"Clandestine" and "Madison" are featured in Woodcrest Literary Magazine under the name Ashtyn Layne

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