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Wild Child

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

I've been working with Morgan since before I established (or even thought I could establish) a photography brand at all! Our first official shoot was the wet and wild shoot back in 2016.

For this concept shoot, we went for a slightly more fashion look, rather than boudoir. We found a vintage dress in her closet, which I thought had a nature fairy look. I might have been alone in that vision, but we went with it!

Choosing a location was easy. I have done so many shoots in this field it feels like a second home. In the summer, it is filled with color. However, I loved the fall setting as it was perfect to compliment her dress!

Of course, to celebrate the start of October, we had to ditch the look for a bit to get a little spooky as well.

More images from Wild Child are up on my showcase page!


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