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Bridal Gifts and Bubbly Bars

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Okay, so here's the deal. Before last Sunday, I had never been to a bridal shower, never mind photographed one.

My cousin is getting married, and I am so excited to shoot his wedding this June! But before we can get to that, the bride-to-be and I decided it would be fun to capture her beautiful bridal shower. I was nervous, for sure, but surrounded by friends and family (and lots of food, which a girl can always appreciate) eased my nerves and allowed for a great experience for everyone!

The shower was even complete with a "bubbly bar", a table serving champagne, juice, fresh and fresh fruit. I won't lie, I definitely saved this picture to my Pinterest page.

And finally, what bridal shower would be complete without the perfect bridal party?

45 days and counting until the big day!


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