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As some of you may know, I am new to blogging. I am not sure if I will use this as a place to give advice, share experiences, or just show off some extra photos that didn't make it into my portfolio. For now, I am pretty just winging it.

Recently, I did a simple concept shoot at a public park, and it is easily one of my friends. So, I want to share some more of the images. Here marks my first post!

I loved this shoot for the fun color concept we came up with. I had gone to my local Walmart (always a fun time in itself) an hour earlier in need of wrapping paper a bridal shower gift, and just as I was leaving, I grabbed a soda. When MK sent me her outfit for the shoot, I immediately noticed the bright blue color and how it would contrast with the orange: thus, this concept was born

I am still in awe with how beautiful the lighting was. No exterior lights. No post-production fake sunlight. Just the perfect timed shoot! We went out just around golden hour, an hour before sunset, and both of us were in love with the result!

You can't even tell that, while we shot, the public park was filled with children, families, and couples. Sure, we stood out, but it was worth it.

I have been waiting to do a shoot like this and am so glad MK was down for it! These portrait sessions are always so fun, and working right around golden hour always pays off.


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